Resolving the Missing Python 3 Error

After more than a year and a half in development, the decision was made to switch Fermentrack from running on Python 2 to Python 3. There are a number of reasons for making the switch, but key amongst them is the fact that where support for Python 2 is rapidly waning, support for Python 3 is expected to continue well into the future. Due to the fact that installing Python 3 requires a new virtualenv and additional packages to be installed as root, upgrading cannot be performed through the automated GitHub integration and must be done manually.

Sorry about that.

That said, - installing Python 3 is simple. Just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Log into your Raspberry Pi
  2. Run sudo apt-get update
  3. Run curl -L | bash

Once this is complete, you should no longer see the error message about running under Python 2. Done!